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I'm starting a series of posts where authors reveal why they write for the young adult genre. First up is Courtney Cole, Author of the Bloodstone Saga. I met Courtney through the YA Sisterhood on Facebook, the rest is history in the making. Here's what she has to say. 

Why do I write YA? Because it is the most fun, obviously. And really, to tell you the truth, I didn’t choose YA.  It chose me. I just happen to have a great YA voice. 

You know, I’ve heard other writers say that they have gotten some eye-rolls when they mention that their genre is Young Adult. I’ve never been a recipient of that genre snobbery and I can’t imagine why anyone would give it! YA fiction is the best…and it is very, very important. 

Think about it… have you ever been as passionate about a book as you were when you were a teenager?   Many people discover their true love of reading when they are this age… because they come across an epic, amazing book that makes them feel something and from there on out, they recognize the power of a good book.

Teenagers/Young Adults are curious, open-minded and passionate about what they love. They haven’t been hardened by life yet… so who wouldn’t want to write for them?  And also, growing up is something that we have all universally experienced.  So, really, everyone can relate to a good YA book.  

Teenagers seem to truly feel a connection with great characters in YA books. They are at an age when everything is still so big- the world is their oyster. Everything is still possible for them. Remembering that mind-set and getting re-acquainted with my inner-teen is so much fun. I had actually forgotten how much fun she was! 

About Courtney Cole:
Courtney Cole is a YA novelist who would rather write than eat chocolate (but she wouldn’t suggest that anyone try and make her choose!).   Her debut novel, Every Last Kiss (Book One of the Bloodstone Saga) was released in April. 

Every Last Kiss tells the story of a girl who, for thousands of years, has been a Keeper of Fate in the Order of the Moirae, an ancient organization. She literally holds fate in her hands. But, this is something she often forgets because her memories are wiped clean in every life, leaving her to figure things out over and over. 

In Every Last Kiss, fate is threatened, and the main character, Macy, is left to return to ancient Egypt to fix it…to a life where she was Cleopatra’s handmaiden, Charmian.  She is meant to repair the fabric of time, but unless she interferes with fate, the one thing that she was born to protect, her soul mate will die. Again. 

Every Last Kiss is the first in a series, containing magic, mythology and romance. You know, the fun stuff.  

Enjoy and excerpt from Every Last Kiss. And if you want to know more follow Courtney Cole:
Follow Courtney on Twitter: @courtwritesYA

Dipping my fingers in a jar of scented oil, I glanced back into the mirror as I began to apply it. And froze with my fingers at the base of my neck.
A woman, pale and beautiful, sat on the bed behind me as though she belonged there. Her eyes were ice blue and her long hair was so blonde that it was snow white. I whirled around to face her.
“How did you get in here?” I demanded.  “How did you get past the guards?”
She smiled peacefully at me, but didn’t answer.
“Can you speak?” I asked.  “Who are you?”
She studied me again, unmoving and silent from her perch on my bed.  She wore silvery robes embroidered with rich blue which were spread around her and her long fingernails were silver. They sparkled in the muted light from my window.  She reminded me of what a fairy would be like. An odd sensation began to build in my chest and I hesitated.
“Who are you?” I whispered again.
   “You know who I am,” she said gently, as she rose from the bed. She was so graceful that it seemed as though she floated as she walked toward me.  

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  1. I love this post! I guess because I love YA too! Write what you want to write, is what I say!