Thursday, June 7, 2012

Handmade Pendant for SHADOW AND BONE Author Leigh Bardugo

Handmade Pendant for YA Author Leigh Bardugo. Tried to get a Shadow and Bone vibe for her on this one. : )

CONGRATULATIONS to Leigh Bardugo for making the NYT bestsellers list. For those of you have—and even those of you haven't—already read SHADOW AND BONE, I can't wait to finishing reading this so I can review it, and hopefully interview Author Leigh Bardugo. Prying it from my 16 year-old daughters hands was feat. I have a feeling this one is going to take up residence on my top ten list.




  1. Shadow and Bone was such a great novel that held me completely enthralled to the point where I ended up finishing it all in one day! The characters were all splendidly written, and so real that I felt their emotions clearly. Alina is a character that the reader can totally empathize with. She's not pretty by any means, she's scrawny, and has a smart mouth at times. Mal on the other hand grew up to be a hottie, is a superb tracker, and exudes confidence. But what I loved is the fact these are young adults, who don't realize the depth of their emotion, and because of that and the trials they face end up maturing as the story goes on. The Darkling also held me riveted to the pages. At times I loved him, at others I wanted to punch him, but even in the end he was still enduring to me. It was as if, in his long life, there was something he found in Alina that he has never encountered before, and that did make him seem more...human...than fear enhancing. The plot was incredible: a land torn apart by war and the Fold, a fateful encounter, lies, deception,'s all there!

    1. Wow Eesti! Thanks. This is a full review, and I appreciate every word. I can't wait to read this.